Who Has ADHD?

 The Many Faces of ADD and ADHD

Which child is ADHD?


Searching For The Answer to ADHD


Searching for the Answers.  You read books, you surf the web, you talk to other people who have ADHD or know someone who has ADHD.

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Maybe you have even gone so far as to speak with a doctor.  Maybe he or she prescribed drugs.  Maybe he or she just blew you off.

You are at your wits end about your child.  Is it ADHD or just normal childhood behavior? You panic at the thought of putting your child on DRUGS.  You have seen some of those quiet pathetically thin children.

What Age is ADHD Generally Diagnosed?

Some parents notice signs of inattention, hyperactivity,impulsivity and inappropriate behavior in their kids before they even start school.  

The child may not be able to sit still for very long or pay attention to games or television.  They may blurt out questionable information in public.

But, just because a parent thinks their child shows signs of ADHD does not mean that they have the disorder. Because children develop and grow at very different rates, it is crucial to get your pediatricians opinion of the child's growth and behavior.  You may want to wait until the child enters school to definitely diagnose the disorder.

There is no one age that ADHD is diagnosed, but it is very common that once a child enters school that the symptoms will be more apparent in a structured environment. But there are many individuals who are not diagnosed until adulthood, and this is becoming more and more prevalent as the rate of adults diagnosed with ADHD skyrockets.

Right now ADD for adults is the in thing.  If you take a self test on line or in a magazine, most likely you will find that you have at least a few symptoms of ADD. You are thankful that you have found a reason for not being all that you want to be.  You can almost proudly proclaim to your friends that you have ADD.

Many many people joke about Adult ADD.  The lapse of attention during a meeting, or the forgetfulness about time is laughed off with a reference to ADD. Same joke applies to Alzheimer's.

Self-diagnose ADHD if you wish, but, to really know you must in the end see a professional.

There are things you can do to self-treat your self-diagnosis and they may help.  Even if you do have ADD or ADHD, there are things you can do yourself to help.  Drugs may or may not be the answer for you.

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