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Lets look at ADD from the perspective of an internet marketer. If anyone can find a positive side, it would have to be a marketer.

Positively ADD

By Ray Smith

ADD affects roughly about 4 to 6 percent of the whole U.S. population.

What’s interesting is the fact that the minor percentage of population actually affected by this disability includes some of the most successful inventors, pioneers, self-made billionaires, rock stars and innovators. How could that be? What makes someone positively ADD?

Well ADD and ADHD is a symptom of a brain with a different relationship to dopamine. The ADD and ADHD brain has a greater urge for stimulation just to feel awake and alive. Hence one feels the need to seek more thrills and will take bigger risks just to get those thrills. One particular thrill many people who are positively ADD seek is the thrill of accomplishment. Seeking this thrill of accomplishment drives people who are positively ADD or ADHD to discover brilliant new and different ways of doing things.

Some of the world’s most successful people are (or were) positively ADD, including: Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, Bono, Mick Jagger, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr. and Bill Clinton, are all positively ADD or ADHD. But all of them managed to focus their ADD or ADHD drive for stimulation positively and thus successfully attained great success fame and fortune.

Rather than trying to be “normal” and suppress your ADHD traits, more emphasis should be given on how to harness positively ADD traits. If you’ve got ADD or ADHD, you don't need to learn how to sit still and focus on details, you need to learn how to evoke your hyper-focus, which is a natural aspect of ADD.

The key to focus for someone who is positively ADD or ADHD is passion. When something is truly interesting and "on purpose" for someone with ADD or ADHD, it evokes their passion which in turn triggers the legendary ADD hyper-focus.

Hyper-focus is more powerful than regular focus. It's about 5 times as intense. It allows one to solve difficult problems easily and it maximizes the energy available for the task at hand.

To learn more about how to cultivate and harness the power of hyper-focus, read "The Power of Hyper-focus" in the groundbreaking new book The DaVinci Method. Are you or someone you love Positively ADD? Get your copy of The DaVinci Method and learn how to harness that gift!

This article is written by Ray Smith, a marketing expert with years of experience in different industries and specialized knowledge on branding and Internet marketing.

Positively ADD

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Didn't I tell you, a positive side.  Almost makes you wish you had ADD.

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